We turbo-charge innovation.

Nuklius is a talent-mapping platform which facilitates knowledge transfer across organisations by simplifying the way employees find colleagues with expertise. We enable companies to unlock the true expertise and potential of their people.

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Innovating within large organisations is difficult. At Nuklius, we have discovered three key factors which hinder the corporate innovation process.

Nuklius’ talent mapping techology cuts through the complexity of large corporate networks. We remove a significant barrier for innovation, enabling corporates to access the right skills and talent on-demand.

  • Nuklius uses intelligence to only show people and projects likely to be of interest to the user. It learns user behaviour to ensure that only the most responsive and available people are discovered.

  • Nuklius facilitates speedy interactions by ensuring that only approved people are displayed in your searches.

  • We believe that the best experiences are user-centric. Nuklius is targetted at everyone. We empower employees to engage with projects where their talents are needed and passions met.

We are built for the future of work, bringing the agile startup mentality into the enterprise world.

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